Reclaiming Mining Areas After Mining

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Reclaiming Mining Areas After Mining

Reclaiming Alberta's oil sands mines | EARTH Magazine

Reclaiming the oil sands surface mines is not a matter of a project here and another one there. By law, after the oil is extracted, each section of a mining company's lease must be returned to a state equivalent to what it was in before a tree was cut or the first shovel hit the dirt.

Texas Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Projects

Reclamation Program, if all mining had ceased and the mine was abandoned prior to June 20, 1975, for coal and uranium and August 3, 1977, for all other types of mining. Funding for the Texas Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program is provided by a

Nonmetallic mine reclamation plans - Wisconsin DNR

A reclamation plan delineates all acreage that will be subject to extraction and mining activities. Fees are assessed on only those areas in the reclamation plan that have been, or are being, affected by mining activities and are not reclaimed. For more information, .

Reclaiming Coal-Mining Sites: Challenges in Erosion .

At active mining sites, coal companies regrade the area before contracting reclamation work. In contour mining such as that in mountainous West ia, moving an .

reclaiming mining areas after mining - acherishedbirth

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APES Chapter 23 Flashcards | Quizlet

mining companies to post bonds to cover restoration of mined areas before permits are granted Many types of mining, such as for coal and copper, produce a specific type of water pollution called ________.

Reclamation of Degraded Landscapes due to Opencast Mining

The study emphasized that stringent air quality standards should be set for coal mining areas. In Sokolov coal mining district in Czech Republic, total area of more than 6000 ha will have been disturbed around year 2036 at the end of mining activities. Spoil material overlying the coal layer was removed and deposited in heaps.

Reclamation Archives - National Mining Association

At all U.S. mining operations, detailed plans for how land will be restored after use must be approved by government officials before mining begins. Reclamation bonds are posted by mining companies to ensure successful completion of the process.

Reclaiming Mined Areas Improves Coal Creek and the Crystal .

Large-scale coal mining activities on steep, unstable and highly erosive slopes significantly altered the Coal Basin landscape. Little vegetation existed on the area's steep slopes prior to mining and reclaimed portions of mine sites were often poorly vegetated after mining. These areas might have regularly contributed to sediment loading in

Returning Mined Land to Productivity Through Reclamation .

An improved understanding of the potential impacts of industrial activities, societal attitudes toward mining, increasingly stringent regulatory regimes, and dynamic market conditions now typically require companies to state clearly how their operating area will be restored before mining can begin.

State of Alaska Chapter 27.19 RECLAMATION

and AS 38 related to the mining operation for failure to reclaim the mining operation to the standards of this chapter. (c) A miner who has forfeited a financial assurance or has been held liable in a civil action under (a) of this section may conduct future mining operations only after posting a

Coal mine reclamation - SourceWatch

Coal mine reclamation is the rehabilitation of land after coal mining operations have stopped. It is a requirement of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) of 1977. As mining operations cease bulldozers and scrapers are used to reshape the disturbed area.

Reclaiming the Public Domain by Repeal of the Mining Law .

RECLAIMING THE PUBLIC DOMAIN BY REPEAL OF THE MINING LAW OF 1872 Shelby D. Green* "Property is nothing but a basis of expectation . . . .-31 Jeremy Bentham The "sale" of public lands has continued for more than a cen-

Reclamation Process - Mosaic in Desoto

After the initial reclamation process, sites remain contained within the ditch and berm system of the mine to prevent water from being released into surrounding ecosystems. Once mining companies demonstrate that water quality standards have been met at the site, it is reconnected to and becomes a functional part of the watershed.

Reclaiming the Land After Mining Cover - Living on Earth

• Reclaim land that is no longer yielding diamonds and has been rendered unusable . Lost potential for productive agriculture as a result of artisanal diamond mining in the Koidu area, Kono District . 4 Diamonds Are Forever, But Not Artisanal Mining . Reclaiming the Land After Mining .

Reclaiming former mining sites | Southeast Iowa .

Krebsbach said that public health and environmental concerns are the primary focus during any reclamation process on a former mining site. Once areas are reclaimed, they can be used for recreation .

Reclamation Cost Service - CostMine

While our capabilities and experience cover a broad spectrum of mining and geologic areas, we are especially proud of the reputation we have attained in the areas of cost estimating and economic analysis. Call or Email Us Today. Telephone + 1 509 328 8023

Reclamation Stories | Minerals Education Coalition

Mining inevitably disturbs land. Modern mines reclaim the surface during and after mining is completed, returning the land to useful purposes. Reclaimed mine lands are often more attractive to wildlife and human uses than before mining started.

Coal Mine Reclamation - Ground Truth Trekking

The first bond increment is released after the area is back-filled and graded to the approximate pre-mining contour, the second increment is released when the area is replanted, and the third is released at least 10 years later if the area meets the defined reclamation standards.

Abandoned Mine Reclamation Guide - Montana DEQ

The work of reclaiming abandoned mining areas involves various dangerous tasks such as filling open mine shafts, burying mining and processing wastes in a manner that protects the environment of the surrounding area and subsequent users of the land, and restoring water quality.

Modern Mining Reclamationpart of Nevada's future

performance bond, to be set aside by the mining company to ensure that reclamation will be completed. The reshaping of the land for future uses is called reclamation. Concurrent Reclamation: Many mining operations are reclaiming lands disturbed by past activities while continuing to develop the mineral resources in other parts of the mining area.

Reclaiming Abandoned Mine Lands Reduces Impact of Acid .

Reclaiming Abandoned Mine Lands Reduces Impact of Acid Mine Drainage in the Bennett Branch Basin . Coal mining in the area began in the late 1800s. Extensive underground mining was underway by the . focused on reclaiming abandoned mine lands. In 2007 construction began on the Hollywood .

Responsible Mine Closure & Reclamation - Teck

during and after mining. To achieve this, we learn as much as we can about mining areas from experts, community Our Approach to Responsible Mining leaders and Indigenous Peoples before we begin mining; minimize our footprint as we do mine; then reclaim those lands for the use of future generations after mining is done.

Individual Open-Cut and In-Stream Mining Permit .

The permit term of an open-cut mining permit will be issued for five (5) years after the permit approval date or for one (1) year less than the term of a lease, whichever is the shorter time period.

Citizen's Guide to Coal Mining and Reclamation in Illinois

regulat ions for the surface mining of coal. Post-mining land uses so closely approximate pre-mining land uses that it is often impossible to visually recognize that an area was once the site of a surface mining operation. Illinois has long been regarded as a leader in reclamation. Reclaiming cropland soil

reclaiming mining areas after mining - spitsid

Reclaiming the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion and . . There is an unquestionable consensus of scientific opinion that post mining clay settling areas have damaged soil characteristics. The good news is that the heavy . Powell River Project - Reclamation of Coal Refuse Disposal .

A Handbook for Reclaiming Sand and Gravel Pits in Minnesota

Using Native Prairie Species for Reclaiming Aggregate Mining Sites - Fact Sheet 4. 1 An Overview . n the past, reclamation of sand and gravel mining areas has not been a major . "A Handbook for Reclaiming Sand and Gravel Pits in Minnesota".

Farm Management Practices for Reclaimed Cropland -

property for mining. Reclaimed crop capable soils have been proven to be as productive as un-mined cropland. In fact, it is a requirement of the mining regulations that reclaimed crop capable soil obtains yields representative of its pre-mining productivity. Management techniques and maintenance of these reclaimed areas can vary and require

BLM Alaska Mining Reclamation Bonding Guide

20, 2001, and includes mining and/orprocessing activities, that Notice maycontinue as proposed, provided theNotice has been extended without asignificant modification. 2. Reclamation Cost Estimates (RCE). After submittinga Notice to a BLM Field Office,either by using the State of Alaska's Applicationfor Permits to Mine in Alaska

Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 - Wikipedia

The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA) is the primary federal law that regulates the environmental effects of coal mining in the United States. SMCRA created two programs: one for regulating active coal mines and a second for reclaiming abandoned mine lands.